UNITY Trailer

“What is the ultimate goal of your life?”

“UNITY is the newest film by Shaun Monson for Nation Earth. Written and produced over the past five years, it will be released in 2012. The structure of the film comprises six acts, which are as follows: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul, bookended by a Prologue and Epilogue.”

“UNITY is a philosophical film about how we perceive one another (human, animal or tree), and what we generally spend our… lives focusing on … brief as those lives may be. And though you won’t see it in this particular clip, UNITY is filled with animal awareness and advocacy. In short, UNITY is about all expressions of life.”

(Source: http://unitythemovement.com/ & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53K1NspYwsA)

Trailer: http://unitythemovement.com/media/unity-trailer-grow-til-tall/

Website: http://unitythemovement.com/

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