Make it Possible

“Animals Australia and PETA have a lot in common. In general they both fight against animal cruelty. And both feel the need to explain much about their cause. But where PETA exaggerates in their communication with a lot of sex, Animals Australia is doing it a lot friendlier as in their new campaign Make it Possible.

The video below, an important item in the campaign, is a bit confusing. I thought it was the PSA. But it isn’t. The first two minutes is the TVC running on Australian TV and in cinemas until Xmas. The 11 minute version as shown below is the web version. It’s all in one, a musical, talking heads, a documentary.

“Factory farming is the number one cause of animal cruelty today. We have a plan to end it. Watch Make it Possible – a world first for animals. Then sign the pledge, and make an end to factory farming possible.””


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