Amnesty International – We Are Powerful

This dramatic and high profile piece of communication with the new banner ‘You Are Powerful’ highlights the fact that everyone has it within themselves to stand up against human rights abuse.

The chance to be involved with such an amazing cause and the opportunity to be able to communicate an important message, powerfully yet sympathetically, was something Smoke & Mirrors really wanted to get involved with and felt passionate about.

A series of seven modern-day characters were shot in contemporary situations, then composited into the existing news footage where they interact and prevent the violence happening in each of the pieces.

The turnaround time was tough so we were able to use both offices and both time zones to our advantage. This meant that Lead Creative Sean Broughton could work through the night in NY with the London office picking up first thing the next day.

Sean comments, “This was an opportunity to do some real good, so pulling out all the stops was the only way to go. Taking Kim Gehrig (Academy Director and Mother Creative) through each scenario and figuring out the best way to shoot our replacement hero’s, was a joy. Understanding exactly how she wanted each shot to feel, as well as work technically, was very important. She shot everything we needed perfectly to make the shots work as well as they did … while still capturing the right emotional vibe … in a single day!

A passionate and challenging film from the start, the turnaround time was tough, but the achievement goes to prove what a wealth of talent and good will exists within the post industry today when push comes to shove.”

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